Bruce Hodge


Built First Computer
Built my first computer as a Science Fair project when I was 13 years old!


LED Mortar Board
I designed a state machine based programmable mortar board display for my graduation at CalPoly. The entire display ran off of a single ROM chip with no micro processor. I even designed an LED editor called LEDIT. It would compare the led changes between frames and optimize the ROM storage by only storing the changes. Funny story: To power the display I needed quite a few batteries. So I created a belt of batteries that I strapped around my waist with the wires threaded through my gown up to my cap. Well needless to say, the display drew quite a bit of power and those batteries started getting hot during the graduation ceremony. When I told my fellow Computer Engineers sitting next to me what was going on they both scooted their chairs away from me as if I was about to blow. We all laughed about it later….
Delta Sigma Phi
In 1989 I was frustrated with the class scheduling system at CalPoly so I wrote the original Poly Scheduler class scheduling program. I thought that if I were to join a fraternity I could get the brothers to help me sell my program so I joined Delta Sigma Phi. Having the brothers sell the Poly scheduler didn't work out so well so I ended up selling it at the El Corral book store. Still, I made a lot of great friends at the Delta Sig house. I designed and built for the house a really cool ΔΣΦ LED clock out of translucent plastic Greek letters and concentric circles of LED's for hours, minutes, and seconds. The hour inner most LED's where red, then the next ring were yellow for minutes and finally the outer most ring was green for seconds which raced around and around. Wish I had taken a picture of that clock. Oh well, here is a picture of me with my Delta Sigma Phi brothers at CalPoly.

Eta Kappa Nu Computer Engineering Honor Society
Was also a member of Eta Kappa Nu Epsilon Phi chapter at CalPoly where I set a record by taking 29 units in my last semester.
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society
In Tau Beta Pi one of the first things you had to do was build your Tau Beta Pi plaque to within the tolerances given to you. So what I did was pick out a nice piece of wood and put it on a CNC machine at C & R Molds. Randy and I programmed it to a tolerance of within .001 inches. Needless to say I won the best plaque award for our entire chapter.

Poly Scheduler class scheduling program

While at CalPoly I wrote a program that would generate all possible permutations of class schedules and display optimal class schedules.

T-Shirt Quilt
T-Shirt Quilt
Barbara gave me this quilt made from all my T-Shirts for my birthday awhile back and it pretty much says it all.
Tech Valley Technologies
Here I am in the lab at Tech Valley Technologies where I created some pretty cool technologies during the 12 years I was there.
Flaming Window On Ice
I created this image from our skylight in the living room using Photo Shop with flaming and bubble filters. Then I superimposed it onto this iceberg picture and cast a reflection on the water.
The Jedi
Here is one of my favorite driftwood sculptures I made while I was getting my Electronic Technology degree at Ventura College, Ca. I would collect driftwood down at the beach right after a bad storm and build these to sell at the craft fair in Ventura park. I had a great spot right under the huge fig tree in plaza park.


04/2004 Redstone Arsenal Matrix Round Location (Patented) $375k
12/2015 SBIR 2015.3 A151-081 Non-Contact Hit Sensor (Laser Based) $100k

8,985,585 Thermal target system
8,947,108 Precision Target Methods and Apparatus
8,925,925 Target System Methods and Apparatus
8,112,435 System and Method for Modifying Internet Traffic and Controlling Search Responses
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7,862,045 Method and Apparatus for Determining and Retrieving Positional Information
7,539,973 Object Type Declaration prefix syntax (DynaScript Language)
7,207,566 Method and Apparatus for Determining and Retrieving Positional Information
6,715,141 MultiPhase Single Pass Interpreter (DynaScript Language)
6,678,745 Dynamic Object Synthesis with Automatic Late Binding (DynaScript Language)
5,516,113 Resistive Matrix Targeting System
D618283 Target
4,984,740 Water sprinkler with variable stream‚Äźdistance adjustment
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